Katrín Magnúsdóttir

Margrét Hugadóttir

Katrín is is a specialist in the Eco-Schools program.

Katrín is a biologist with an M.A. degree in anthropology with a special focus on environment and development from the University of Iceland. Furthermore she has a degree in educational sciences and has taken several courses in sustainability education at the University of Iceland.   

Katrín has extensive work experience. She has worked as a director of Sesseljuhus, center of sustainable development, in Solheimar Eco-village, as a natural sciences teacher in the Commercial College of Iceland and as a project manager for Nordjobb in Iceland. Furthermore she did an internship at ICEIDA (Icelandic International Development Agency) in Namibia and has taught at an international boarding school in Kenya.

katrin (at) landvernd.is


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