Rannveig Magnúsdóttir

Salome Hallfreðsdóttir

Rannveig Magnúsdóttir is project manager of Landvernd's Food Waste Programme, the Ecological Restoration project in schools and the Climate Change project.

Rannveig has a Ph.D. in mammal ecology from the University of Iceland in collaboration with the University of Oxford in the UK. She also has an M.Sc. in the same subject from the University of Iceland in collaboration with Deakin University in Australia. Rannveig also studied filmmaking at the Icelandic Film School.

Rannveig has extensive work experience and has for instance carried out research on seabirds, mink and Australian carnivorous marsupials. She volunteered at Steve Irwin's zoo in Australia and has worked for several associations, including IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience), where she was president for Iceland in 2001-2002. She was on the board for the journal Náttúrufræðingurinn from 2012-2016 and has been an environmental radio columnist for the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service since 2016.

Email: rannveig (at) landvernd.is

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