Soil and vegetation

Salome Hallfreðsdóttir
In recent years, Landvernd has encouraged relevant governmental and non-governmental bodies to exercise ecological restoration, using native species for revegetation of degraded land. About 40% of the land surface in Iceland has been classified as severely degraded and although climate has been more favorable for the last two decades coupled by decreasing sheep grazing, large areas still remain unvegetated with limited soil resources. Landvernd has also been working on the challenge of invasive species in the country, in particular on plants related to reclamation of degraded land.

Landvernd has encouraged volunteering of its members in revegetation activities with the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland and the municipality of Skeiða- and Gnúpverjahreppur every year since 2013. Also, a new educational program on ecological restoration in collaboration with schools in South Iceland started in 2013.


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